Engineering, Process and Product Industrialisation. Deep Drawing, Stamping and Processing in Stainless Steel. 3D Laser Cutting and Welding.


In a world that is constantly changing, effort, commitment and efficiency are key values to pursue when seeking to achieve objectives. From the outset, Matriçats has endeavoured to involve its suppliers and its staff in the corporate mission to provide our customers with a quality service.

We see training and planning as essential, both in life and at work. We take advantage of the best multidisciplinary knowledge that we can obtain from our own team and from each generation, and this serves as good experience: we aim to speedily incorporate the best techniques and innovative developments of the future into our modus operandi, reinforcing and consolidating the solutions that we offer our customers and society in the present.

The search for perfection is probably an impossible task, but in the process of striving for perfection, we help each other and contribute to continuous improvement together. Excellence of knowledge is our goal in order to achieve the highest degree of social responsibility and to offer future generations a better and more sustainable world.

Our particular contribution lies in striving to be the leading company in processing technologies for stainless steel and materials that are necessary both now and in the future, including steels and other special metals.

Here you can see a video with deep drawing process.


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